Winter 2014 – The Sundance Film Festival

The 30th annual Sundance Film Festival begins next week!

The following are a few local tips worth mentioning:

  1. Didn’t register in time to get a ticket-buying time slot? You can still get tickets to many films online or at the box office after the advance ticketing process is over, usually a few days before the festival. Check the Sundance website for the date open tickets sales begin. You can also try the waitlist electronic waitlist.
  2. Get to Park City well in advance of your screening. You might be familiar with Park City, but during the festival driving and bus routes are changed significantly. You’ll probably have to park in an official lot and take a shuttle to get to the theater. Once you arrive in Park City, try to pick up a printed festival guide. These contain information on getting around town by bus.
  3. The films at Sundance aren’t rated. I wouldn’t recommend taking children, especially if you aren’t familiar with the film. You’ll probably have a better experience if you choose films carefully in advance rather than just taking your chances on a mystery film you know nothing about.
  4. Try getting tickets for one of the awards screenings. You won’t know what film you’re going to see until you get there, but you will know that it’s one the judges considered the best in its category.

Happy Sundance!

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